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If cruising the streets on your longboard is your thing, then you need to check out our extensive range of wheels, trucks and complete longboards, which come in all different sizes and colours. We also have the very best safety gear on the market, from helmets to padding and don’t forget to take advantage of our Free UK Delivery offer on all longboards.

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Bern Elbow Pad - Grey
Bern Elbow Pad - Grey
Price: £25.00 

A Longboard differs from the traditional skateboard in a few specific ways, they are normally much longer around 35 inches and upwards, the trucks are much wider for more stability and the wheels are a lot larger and softer for more speed, smoothness and grip. Whether you aim to use a Longboard for commuting, the odd errand, just cruising around town or hard core downhill and sliding, getting the right board for the right style of riding is very important. The term Longboard does refer to decks over 35 inches long but there are some sweet mini cruiser decks that can measure as little as 24 inches. Here are some things to consider when scoping out longboards:

    1 Length of the board - Normally the longer the board, the more stability you get and the easier it is to maintain your balance. As the length gets longer you do lose some manoeuvrability. The shorter the board the smaller turning circle it has and the more agile it becomes.
    2 Width of the board - if you have large feet (Plus UK10) we recommend a board that's at least 9 inches wide. This is important because you don't want to your feet to hang up on your wheels as you're turning. This will also give you a bigger surface area to get more stability and control.
    3 Flex of the board - finding a flex to fit your weight is important. For heavy riders it's very important to find a board that won't flex too much under your feet, you do not want the deck centre touching the floor while putting in hard carves or while pumping the deck for more speed. For you lighter folks there is a lot more choice. A stiff board will give you much better speed and stability, you will also get a lot more momentum from each one of your pushes, the ride will be a little bumpier on rougher surfaces. A softer flexi board will help soak up the bumps and uneven ground, this will give you a much smoother and softer ride.
    4 Traffic - both on the roads and on the footpaths. If you ride mainly on the Roads we suggest a board in the 35-50 inch range. A Board this length is long enough you can maintain good balance and also short enough you can manoeuvre a few cars. Board this length also offer great stability at higher speeds. If you're riding in an area with a lot of people and other obstacles, try out a shorter longboard or cruiser. These boards are much more manoeuvrable and they don't take up that much space on the footpaths. They're also easy to stick in a backpack between classes or while running errands.
    5 Graphics - cool graphics will get you stoked about cruising. Also, if you need to stop off and check something and you have to carry your board, people will notice your graphic. Choose something that will set you apart and represent your personality.

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