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At BBC MK we have the very latest and up-to-date range of skateboard decks, trucks, wheels and bearings. We also stock complete skateboards, suitable for all skateboarding levels and style. We have the hottest skateboarding threads, including hoodies, skate shoes and jeans, made by the biggest names in the business.

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DGK Mob Stencil Grip Tape
DGK Mob Stencil Grip Tape
Price: £13.00 
Grizzly Grease Wax - Red
Grizzly Grease Wax - Red
Price: £5.00 
Landyachtz Bones Freeride Longboard Glove - Black
Landyachtz Bones Freeride Longboard Glove - Black
Regular Price: £43.99
 On Sale For: £30.80 
Landyachtz Longboard Glove - Space
Landyachtz Longboard Glove - Space
Regular Price: £44.99
 On Sale For: £31.49 

How to buy a Skate setup from BBC MK

You need for a complete skate deck the Board, Grip, Trucks, Hardware (Bolts to hold the truck to the deck), Risers (Optional) Wheels and Bearings.

There is plenty to choose from in each of these categories.

The difference between decks is mainly the width, starting at the thinnest 7.3 inches wide going up in stages up to around 8.25 inches wide for a regular skate deck.

The narrower the deck the easier it will be to do flip tricks and the wider it is the more stability you will get typically for ramp/ Vert skating a wider deck is preferred.

The shape of the nose and tail differs slightly from brand to brand and the length is also different ever so slightly, all of these differences will eventually come down to personal preference.

If you are below 4.5ft or 130cm tall your legs are generally to short for a full size deck. It would be advisable to use a mini or mid deck which come slightly shorter and narrower that the full size ones to help get those tricks down with less effort due to the deck weight being less.

Grip choice is up to the skater weather it be Black or coloured all skateboards require grip tape.

Trucks come in different heights from low, mid to high, this is the height the axle is away from the deck. We also have different trucks for more response and others for more grinding. The difference between the price of the truck is a good indication of how strong and light they are the more expensive the stronger or lighter they are. This again is will come down to the skater personal preference.

Hardware consists of eight nuts and bolts to fix the trucks to the deck and come in several different lengths starting at ¾ inch and 1 inch for regular truck to deck mounting then 1 & 1/4 inch for trucks and risers. They are either Allen key or Phillips head and come in various colours.

Wheels are made in different diameters starting at 49mm going up to 56mm for regular skateboarding. The smaller the wheel the better it will be for street skating as it accelerates quicker and the bigger the wheel the easier it will get over the coping so would be better for ramp work, again this is a personal preference choice. The higher end of the price range also tend to guarantee against flat spotting as they are making the wheels with harder polyurethane.

Bearings will be needed for all wheels as they do not come with them and the wheels will not work without the bearings. The general rule is that the higher price the bearing the smoother, quicker and longer it will run. We have sealed bearings which once they have become slow and clogged up with dirt need to be replace and we have non sealed which can be cleaned and re lubricated for longer lasting life. The higher the Abec rating the smoother and faster the bearing will run, we also have un rated bearings which would compare to an Abec 7 upwards.

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