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Jart Skateboard

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Jart Logo Basic - 7.6
Jart Logo Basic - 7.6
Price: £40.00 
Jart Logo Tie Dye - 8.1
Jart Logo Tie Dye - 8.1
Price: £40.00 

Jart Skateboard Decks and Wheels

JART SKATEBOARDS started out in 2001 in Irún (the Basque Country) as a business project led by the Iraola brothers. Coming from a family with great experience in the Wood Sector located in a coastal area were board sports are almost a must, these young skaters aimed to apply their traditional knowledge of wood to innovation in the skateboard factory.

After a period of experimentation and adjustment, the brand began to establish itself and develop a positive outlook for the future. In a very short time, thanks to the individual drive of the brothers and the workforce that backs the JART SKATEBOARDS adventure, they were able to revitalise the European skate scene and people began to look at it in a different way.

The JART logo represents the annual rings on the tree trunks that provide the wood, as the raw material to make a Jart skateboard deck.

At present, JART SKATEBOARDS is one of the brands with the greatest presence at the main European skateboard scene. This merit is mainly due to the quality obtained in the manufacture of the boards, the effort and capacity of the team of professionals that support the every-day work and above all to the trust placed in us by our public.

JART SKATEBOARDS complies with Good Environmental Practice guidelines. In accordance with this philosophy, JART only purchases USA Hard Rock Maple wood from forests where controlled felling methods are used.

During the skateboard manufacturing process, JART continues to care for the Environment with appropriate waste management. The Company focuses its production policy on sustainable development and collaborates to reduce the effects of climate change.

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